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Lecture 3

SOC102 Lecture 3 Class Notes

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Lorne Tepperman

Lecture 3 - Gender Inequality Huge change from society a while (100 years ago), where women had not went to universities to get bachelor degrees.  Nowadays, more women are obtaining degrees than men  Secondary production is manufacturing; now the jobs are sent overseas to keep work value low and higher quantity  Service industries (increasingly precarious and not unionized)  If there is equalization, both are being driven downwards toward precarious jobs (more so than before) o Men and women are physiologically different, scientifically verified however the interest is how/why we perform this difference; make a deal about it? How does this equate into an inequality? o Kinds of inequalities are so fully socially constructed, open to interpretation in society o Societies with the widest range of difference is seen to show one kind of inequality over a large range and includes many others, not typically just one o SNPNS!  Making a distinction between sex and gender as the sex is the physiological reality, versus gender which are social constructs that describes things as masculine and feminine ---likely to be different in tastes, beliefs, outlooks, etc. and so that we ask people to assume there are two kinds of people: masculine men and feminine women (unless there were problems therefore would not perform expectations)  Hedgmonic(?) dominant/controlling; in our society, we are all forced to live
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