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LECTURE NOTESInequalityAuthority INEQUALITY1French peasants before the Revolution 1789french revolution 2French lords before the Revolution monopolized concentrated power economic religious politicalthe lord made law held by ideological reasoning from the church touqiueu why did the french revolution break out despite social conditions being better off than other nations his answer1 peasants rebelled bc lords had unrestrained position social position2 the problem was not their position but rather their relative position compared to the ideal positionraised expectations and dissatisfaction anomie 3Inequality is a social factsocial fact eg durkheimsuicide rates constancy means that there is osmething about society inequality is not a feature that can be identified by looking at individuals to say inequality it implies a comparison in the distribution of a social good 4 some main forms of inequalitysocial goods comprises all societiesthings that are valuedsome are cultural bound eg N AmericaLeisure time opportunity to do such N Americawealth status powerwithin societies there are agreed upon qualities to havesociologists concerned with the variation in the distribution of resources5Some main sources of inequality see above military strength also v imp 6Inequality in premodern societiesahunter gatherera classless societyno real strong differences rests on merely hunting and gathering
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