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University of Toronto St. George
Joseph Bryant

January 19 2011- Sociology Of Religion. i.e., new members, waning purity, and growing doubt early second-century Christian writings disclose signs of mounting internal strains, as double-minded believers- the disychoi- were accused of taking up anew the worldly vanities and vices they had renounced at conversion, while other tainted members despaired over their possible salvation. We have heard these things even in the days of our fathers, and behold we have grown old, and none of these things has happened to us (1 Clement 23.3. (c.96)) the double-minded leave the true road - apostates from God (Hermas, 8.9.1) How to deal with this crisis? The baptismal promise of being freed from sins dominion yet the reality of continues sinning? A second remission of sins was gradually introduced and adopted: initially as a special jubilee period of restored grace for all those displaying heartfelt repentance (c.130), and then as a formal sacrament of penance (c.190), which offered a second, but now final, back-up cleansing to remove the venial sins that had accumulated since baptism. The delay of Jesuss second coming started to create problems, people said people were falling into the grip of satan and leaving the right path. That brought the problem of the post-baptismal sinning. Now what chance do the have of being saved when jesus does come? The first test that dealt with the issue- the shephard of hermus(what did that text offer?) it offered a chance to be cleansed again. If you broke the seal of baptism the angel of repentance int eh form of an angel came to this Christian teacher hermous and said that god had anticipated that Christians would slip so if they repented their sins right away they would be forgiven. The angel also carried the promise that Jesus was coming soon. he carried this ecclesial promise. Problem witht the hermous thing was that it was just a window of time. -There was a back-up cleansing now.By the year 200 we have this second penance that is more in place. What is the problem with this second penance? If you are told now that there is a second sacrement that will wipe away your sins , you will contemplate when to use this card. Because this is the last time you can repent your sins so when are you done sinning.What is the risk of delaying? You dont know when you will die andyou dont know when jesus will come? -Although the gate of forgiveness has been shut and fastened up with the bar of baptism, God has permitted it still to remain somewhat accessible. In the vestibule He has stationed a second repentance ( paententia secunda) for opening to those who knock: but now once for all, because now for the second time; and enevr again because the first had been in vain. -It is fitting for one who has received the remission of sins to sin no more. For the first and only repentance of sins should be for those commited previously by the gentile, I mean during his first life lived in ignorance. For repentance is immediately set before
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