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Smc 208 lec oct 30  Whether or not sacraments should be under the category of sign o Its ritual, symbolic and the things that are done evoke things o Baptism water is poured on someone and it cleanses someone  Not just physical but spiritual cleansing  Same as plunging people into water the water can rep life  How did sacraments cause grace o TQ puts it on the category of sign o Augustine use to say it was a sacred sign o In catholic theology leading up to vatican there was causality of the sacraments o Eopere aperato  It works in its very signification  When u perform them u want to do them in a way that people understand and brought alive to what is being done  If u only think its a cause then yet its a cuase but it matters if the priest is effective and try to explain the sacrament along with having the congregation being open to receiving  Necessity of the sacraments o Condition vs absolutely sacraments  Absolutely god can bring about salvation w.o the sacraments  The sacraments are just instruments  God respects the nature of the ppl he deals with; we are embodied beings but we start with the sense, what we feel hear etc  Necessity is a conditional sacraments  Key distinguish he makes is principal cause vs instrumental cause o Sacraments don’t cause grace in any way but are used as instruments o Absolutely fundamental principal TQ has is incarnation; he means by this that god became flesh and became human; and ppl think why would god do this?  Answer: god wants to meets us where we are and make human life itself an instrument to human salvation itself  7 sacraments o The very first sacrament is that “Christ is the sacrament” o The second than that follows is the church; the humanity of the church is to continue to humanity of Christ however we are constantly called to be reformed b/c we sin o Sacraments then are made from the sacramental church  Marriage, eucharist, etc o Although for TQ it wasn’t like this  Number of the sacraments o For TQ there are 7 sacraments: eucharist, baptism, confirmation, penance, anointing of the sick (these are the individual sacraments) marriage and order and the collective sacraments o There are parallel between natural and spiritual life; what we enter in gods grace is not in contradiction of jesus life  As we are born and baptised, become mature, then confirmation, nurtured and so in spiritual life with the eucharist, then we need forgiveness for sins an there is penance etc  Much of the summa doesn’t answer certain question it says that it is “fitting” o Because the teachings of the church is reasonable than it
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