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Jennifer Harris

Feb 7Because there was no sound in early films familiar stories would be toldJesus stories retelling of biblical storiesAlways begin with whose JesusAlways metaphorical nothing is literal always an interpretation ex passion of the Christ pastiche of different gospel stories an interpretation by one person of the stories of the gospel and JesusVery epic Jesus is displayed with very blue eyes very evidently north Americanaesthetic used to create and transmit message kiss between jesus and judas refers to a paintingDuring 1960s American culture was changing not really a time that people were looking to the bible ie the sexual revolution1967 suspension of the haze code after this films were significantly differentHaze code Christians very worried about lode behavior that were in filmsso religious communities put pressure on Hollywood to regulate the content of film Christians had a lot of sway forced film to regulate itself metaphorically For example Film Noir displayed veiled sexuality but previous to this sexuality was very literal
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