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SMC103Y1 Lecture Notes - Catechumen, Usury, Anointing

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Smc 208 lec 5 oct 2
Hes inspired by the prophets of the bible
His arguments try to persuade and change people
o We all belong to one another and so we all live for each other
He believes we are all one; one from god and children of adam and eve
o He talks about how farmers, need carpenters etc we all need each other
o He says those who do not live for other people including needy he is not a part of human race; he is not
o We are not owners of things we are entrusted with those things by god and what we do with it is what truly
matters, not just having it alone
o The one who has and doesn’t share is also a robbery not just stealing
To not share is to not show others(non believers the love of god,
He talks about what false vs true riches
o Heaven will last
o Earthly riches are just temporary
o Distinguishes between work and toil
Work was like back in the garden; they were to take care of the garden that was their job and
because of sin that work became lazy work which turned into toil
Usury (interest); rich people charging poor people interest for the poor person asking the rich person
Nothing is baser/cruel that the interest that comes from lending
Theme of education of children
o Most important part of edu is moral and spiritual point
2nd reading Homily that john delivered to catechumens(ppl who are preparing for baptism; the one learning)
4 sets of these sermons
o Written by john, Ambrose of Milan, Theodore, and Cyril of Jerusalem
Mystagogical (means literally leading into the mystery)
John took a different approach with baptism compared to Ambrose, Theodore and Cyril
o He taught them before baptism/easter whereas everyone else taught them after easter
o John led the student into the mystery of the baptism
He doesn’t unpack very much the sacraments his interests are more on the moral and draw out of
the ritual how one should live
Baptism is so important why?
o In greek it literally means to immerse
o We see this a lot in john the baptism
o Ritual cleansing of sins etc
o Jesus wanted to be baptised because his baptism meant he was submerged into his death which was his
whole point of coming to earth; he was immersed into his death
o Also meant a new life/born again/cleansed and anew
o Romans 6; paul says that in baptism we go down into the death(tomb) of Christ so that we can rise up just
like and with Christ
o Baptismal tank was called tombs(death) and wombs(new life)
o Catechumenate
1st part of the process of being baptised was choosing
Then u had lent but in between lent and easter was exorcism(driving out evil)
o Then was easter and easter was celebrating jesus death and resurrection and here
you created a covenant with god
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