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Smc 208 lec 5 oct 2  Hes inspired by the prophets of the bible  His arguments try to persuade and change people o We all belong to one another and so we all live for each other  He believes we are all one; one from god and children of adam and eve o He talks about how farmers, need carpenters etc we all need each other o He says those who do not live for other people including needy he is not a part of human race; he is not human o We are not owners of things we are entrusted with those things by god and what we do with it is what truly matters, not just having it alone o The one who has and doesn’t share is also a robbery not just stealing  To not share is to not show others(non believers the love of god,  He talks about what false vs true riches o Heaven will last o Earthly riches are just temporary o Distinguishes between work and toil  Work was like back in the garden; they were to take care of the garden that was their job and because of sin that work became lazy work which turned into toil  Usury (interest); rich people charging poor people interest for the poor person asking the rich person money/loan  Nothing is baser/cruel that the interest that comes from lending  Theme of education of children o Most important part of edu is moral and spiritual point  2 reading Homily that john delivered to catechumens(ppl who are preparing for baptism; the one learning)  4 sets of these sermons o Written by john, Ambrose of Milan, Theodore, and Cyril of Jerusalem  Mystagogical (means literally leading into the mystery)  John took a different approach with baptism compared to Ambrose, Theodore and Cyril o He taught them before baptism/easter whereas everyone else taught them after easter o John led the student into the mystery of the baptism  He doesn’t unpack very much the sacraments his interests are more on the moral and draw out of the ritual how one should live  Baptism is so important why? o In greek it literally means to immerse o
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