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Jessy Giroux

SMC 203Y Lec 2 y Pax de roma they would want the gods to be pleased and so they would please the gods through prayer offerings animal sacrifices etc they were to avoid bad omens etc y Pagan religionpluralism in gods there are multiple cultsy Augustus Caesar rulerchief priest of roman empire he turns his uncle Julius is a god and makes it important that you worship his uncle Julius Cesar exempted the jews from worshipping the gods they had their own worshipping freedom Divi Luli Filiusson of the divine Julius august was doing this cuz he wanted the state he was the powerful one in the western world God from God Lord Redeemer Liberator saviour were names that they called Augustus way before Jesus came from y Greco Schools of philowere taught by the followers of plato Aristotle in whom were big on stoicism y Big difference between Greco religion and Christian god religion is that there is impersonal god in theGreco schools of philo and in Christian the Christian god is personal he knows you he knows how manyhair are in ur head yPlato says there are 2 realms 1 realm on earthimperfect world and 2 realm on spiritual perfect world yStoics most popular philo school in the roman empire
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