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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses
Steve Hoselton

SMC219Y1 – LECTURE NOTES Films and Television Chapter Seven Wednesday, January 8, 2014 Movies and Social Control: • Tension between freedom of speech and communication with the desire to control such freedom • People were fearful of the radio over the newspaper because communication became immediate, easier to gain control or control what was heard on the radio • But movies have a different cultural connection • The early conception of movies was that they were purely for entertainment, communication wasn't as immediate at that of the radio, wasn't an important source of information • Tension then became the moral and standards the movies conveyed, the message became the concern, being impressed by the wrong things • Studios and filmmakers moved to L.A California because they could film all year round; the weather was better • Pressure on the movie industry to clean up its act, be proper, or legislation would be created and enforced on them • In 1915, the US Supreme Court ruled that the freedom of speech was not to be included in movies; weren't important enough for the constitution • The MPAA then police themselves, creating their own standards called the HAYS CODE; had two lists = the DON'Ts and the BE CAREFULs (are allowed, but one must be cautious) o DONTs • Profanity • Example: God, gawd • Nudity • Illegal drugs • Sex perversion (homosexuality, child abuse) • White slavery • miscegenation = The mixing of two races • STIs • Scenes of child birth • Children sex organs
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