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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses
Lindsey Eckert

October 18, 2011 Descriptive Bibliography Assignment andTitle PageTranscription Title page transcription: transcribe title page and make the reader understand what it’s about vaguely Why do it? - Usually brings together (in their original form) information about work’s title, author, printer, publisher, and place and date of publication - If done correctly, a quasi-facsimile transcription can often be used to distinguish between different settings of title pages - Thus, they can help catch different issues, states, and impressions that are masquerading as the same - Bibliography is descriptive: you’re describing something with title page transcription - Photocopies give you a false sense of security what you know about the book - Real bibliographers - always go back to the original source - Quasi-facsimile can give you enough detail to make it helpful but not 100% the same (tells you that it’s not the real thing) Rules forTitle PageTranscription - The text of the title page should be copied in full, including information about ornaments - Describe physical printed book - no marginalia - Line endings are marked by a single vertical strokes: | •This symbol can be found in MicrosoftWord under “Insert” and “Symbol” - Each time a line ends, indicate that with a stroke Guidelines for title page transcription - There are three fonts that are distinguished: roman, italic, and gothic (i.e. blackletter) -- differentiate between fonts - Do not t
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