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University of Toronto St. George
Thought, Belief and Behaviour
Holly Wardlow

1 March 13, 2012 Love ethnographic journal Student experiences: • Confusing, never done ethnography before • Hard at first because love is very broad • Not sure if ethnography is done as an insider or from outsider perspective What ethnography does • Makes strange familiar. Deeper understanding of the unfamiliar to comprehend and to relate to. • Makes familiar strange. How to make things in our own culture less familiar, less taken for granted. Purpose • Experiment how it will work out • Could have more structure and more formal requirements • To make it easier, less formal, experiment with own observations How ethnography can be done • Can do it chronologically, can go back to older entries to revise and reflect • Chronological not mandatory Note: Article added for next week Love and Mediascape Mediascape: media has become globalized, transnational. • Sometimes predictable ways • Sometimes unpredictable ways. Example: Bollywood films popularity in Nigeria. TBB199.Proff. H. Wardlow.March132012.EJH.SP 2 The media flow has huge impact. Allows people to have different ways of thinking about ways, different relationships, This week Ethnoscape: people move across national boundaries. Reasons for globalization of people: • Financial reasons. Better economic opportunities. Aspirations of better opportunity for child. Maybe not the best opportunities for parent but best for child • Security • Political • Medical Jennifer Herse: anthropology and public health • Health consequences of those social cultural changes. • Implications of transmission of HIV. If men are spending a lot of the time of the year at another country. Concerns of the sexual practices of men when they are away. How have marriages and expectations change in Deguyaho • 1950-1969 • More cofcus on wife’s used. Marriage only successful if romantic rove sustained. Is this globalization or Americanisation. Regional shift in ideas. Ideas: are not just free floating and absorbed by people. People act on these ideas, politically and economically influenced. all ideas to be manifested TBB199.Proff. H. Wardlow.March132012.EJH.SP 3 Needs of another nation could follow the hierarchy of needs. Needing lower needs first building up to higher needs. Military base in S. Korea Icescape: construct that gets into other nations across the globe. The idea gets changed, tailored to the receiving nation. Women are waiting a lot more years to have children. Lower income women have more children. Less agricultural labour, more Electricity, running water, satellite, porn. More material. Separation for parents, more privacy. Lives of men when they are working overseas. What type of lives are they living? • Landscaping, gardening • Living in shacks, 10 person/house • Engaging in menial labour, long hours, not paid well. By standards from where they are coming from. They ideal
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