Policing Notes Week 1

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University of Toronto St. George
Woodsworth College Courses
John Vervaeke

Policing: Sept 15, 2010 Holly Campeau. [email protected] Room 211-around the park Policing and the Media Reflection Paper: 5 articles, choose one Midterm Test: 5 questions, answer 4 of them. Policing: state is providing a certain standard of care for their citizens by guaranteeing protection and have security. Going to trace the birth from policing all the way from medieval times. Defining Policing: Carl Klockers imminent scholar in the U.S.was a police too. got his students to define policing, we do that too. In all definitions, there is reference of power. No distinction between police and policing. In all the definitions they are all partly true. They are also partly false. Some dont drive cars, dont all target minorities, etc.. All of your definitions are NORM DERIVATIVE: all definitions are based us on common perceptions. They are all face value. They are focused the purposes of policing,
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