Policing Notes Week 1

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9 Jan 2011
Policing: Sept 15, 2010
Holly Campeau. H.campeau@utoronto.ca
Room 211-around the park
Policing and the Media Reflection Paper:
5 articles, choose one
Midterm Test: 5 questions, answer 4 of them.
state is providing a certain standard of care for their citizens by
guaranteeing protection and have security. Going to trace the birth
from policing all the way from medieval times.
Defining Policing:
Carl Klockers imminent scholar in the U.S.was a police too. got his
students to define policing, we do that too.
In all definitions, there is reference of power. No distinction between
police and policing.
In all the definitions they are all partly true.
They are also partly false.
Some dont drive cars, dont all target minorities, etc..
All of your definitions are NORM DERIVATIVE: all definitions are
based us on common perceptions. They are all face value.
They are focused the purposes of policing, you guys believe that the
police should govern society, etc.
You cant be critical without having some preconceived idea of what
policing should be. The ironic thing about all these definitions is that
they actually tell us much more about you than they tell us about the
It is telling us what you expect and want from the police.
Your hopes, and expectations of the police, but not from the police
This is an important obstacle for us for all of us who want to create an
objective definition of policing.
An objective definition of policing cannot be based on fears, frustration,
it cannot be based on politics, and it cant even be based on cleverness.
You cant define policing adequately if youre going to define it in terms
of its ends. We are not looking forward to the ends of policing, but you
should focus on the means of policing.
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