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University of Toronto St. George
Woodsworth College Courses
Marianna Valverde

WDW387H1: LEGAL REUGLATION JAN 18 We will discuss the saga about laws. Why is abortion so controversial? Why is it such a huge issue??The issue of abortion raises the fundamental question the course is concerned with do people own their bodies?? If so, do bodies have a price? What about sperm and blood? Sperm and blood are not commodities Do women own their own bodies? Bodies are commodities sometimes e.g. if you wear the uniform of tim hortons, you sold your body to tim hortons. Sometimes, men can sell bodies, but women cannot. If women are not pregnant, then our body is similar to men. If you are pregnant, in may situations, the legal status if your body is different. Since only women is pregnant, than clearly a gender difference. If pregnancy is not wholly in the womens condition, who has the property or other interest in the pregnancy?? International context: Abortion is an interesting phenomenon, socially it is very similar to one place to another, women has always obtained them from one condition to another, the number of abortions per capita does not differ from a huge amount, either no birth control or abortion is very readily available. Abortion experiences are not too different from one place to another. Even though socially, there is a lot of similarities, yet the law about abortion is strikingly different from one place to another. In Scandinavian, harder to get an abortion. Countries in Ireland forbid abortion. Being raped in Ireland is not grounds for having an abortion in Ireland. Abortion is such an outlier. In China- women are often pressured to have an abortion, they didnt an official state permission to have a second child. they wont force you to have an abortion but heavy financial burden if you have another one. The international reproductive rights movement: it is a movement in China that women should be able to have kids; women making their own choices, it is not really in favour of abortion or no abortion. It is about reproductive freedom. www.notesolution.com
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