Lecture 3 Jan 26th 2012 WDW325H1 Professor Breese-Davies

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University of Toronto St. George
Woodsworth College Courses
David Davies

Documentary Mr BigProblem with extradition to the USA now Canada cannot be extradited to a country with a death penalty unless the country promises no use of the death penalty Documentary is about the police tactics that is controversial has something to do with the violation of processo Understand the police strategy if she asks question about the strategy then we should know o Understand the facts of how they work the facts of the case is not as important as the overall strategyDo I think this investigative technique is one that embodies my view of fairness Notes on the DocumentaryMr Big seems to be a fictitious creation by the RCMP that is used to get confessions Mr Big solely designed to get confessions from peopleMr Big is in British Columbia undercover officials that pretend to be a gangster the boss of any organization Be completely honest with Mr Big hell fix your problemsThe technique is to scare the suspects use alcohol gifts cash get information from the suspects Huge operations take monthsBefore a Mr Big operation on a suspect they take a psychological background of the person do it specifically to feed off the desires and wants The suspect was worried about his family thought his f
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