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William Watson

WEEK 5 thFebruary 6 2012Community Policing Private Policing and PreTrial Decision MakingWhat is Community PolicingWhat is so fascinating about community policing is that it is not easily amenable to a particular definitionbut it is clearly a highly appealing concept Friedman 1992 people like the idea of community policing and provides good public relations to say that it is a main priorityFive Interpretations of Community Policing1 It is a philosophy focusing on the police and the public working together to influence the management and delivery of police services contrast to tradition or modern policing which is military style police decision making should be directed by police commandchief is the general and they decide prioritystrategy and command and CENTRALILIZEDeveryone follows orders not asking what to fo commun policing give polcing to community police so they know what the societys needs are credence to local police and they have superior knowledgedecentralize POLICE so set at local levelImplication 1 decentralizes police decion giving power to local police 2 public should be able to set prority tell police what type of activity to focus on priority policing ie focus on graffiti and they try to fix it diff comm Have diff policing priority police work close with comm members 2 It is a specific crime prevention program3 It is a form of increased social control netwidening conservative people try to establish trust dont develop new forms but establishIntelligence4 It is an imprecise conceptimpossible to define5 It is a meaningless rhetorical term that includes each and every new policing initiativeIt is windowdressing
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