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Lecture 5February 8 February0812 212 PM Purposes of Justifications and Sociologies of Punishment liberal pluralism Durkheim Foucault Sociologies of Punishment sociologists of inequality fundamentally we live in structured unequal societies and this needs to be understood when examining institutions governments are not by the people for the people they are by the dominant group for that group government in western liberal society is for capitalism and for capitalists recognize whats going on in governing and punishment is that peoples interests are being met but most dominant group is most satisfied restitutive rather than repressive punishment celebration of superiority of social order over individual Foucaultsociety is not liberal democratic or capitalist not organic solidarity but disciplined Durkheim things happen behind peoples backs Foucault is saying that we should resist modernitynot necessarily go back personal freedom involves each of us to resist against the discipline of modernity Foucault modern systems of discipline emerged as products of intellectualpractical developments science math military industrial disciplines crucial change comes with enlightenment when these ideas coalesce into a basic predisposition to believe in the possibility of rational individual and collective government and self government world view before that was one in which human reason was limited best truth revealed from God humans are fallen justice is the best you can do to deal with neverending problem of sin enlightenment brings possibility of progress orientation to the world develops in which purposeful rational government becomes the goal punishment is one of the systems through which this is done shift from
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