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WDW365Lecture 3Psychological Models of the Mind Continued TH Sept 29 2011Tips for the Essay focus on own opinion and be able to mention sources and exact points at least 2 sources address difficult questionsno I think etc assert them and back up with arguments no rhetorical questionsNCR and Insanity law regarded eg paranoid schizophrenics as responsible in history focused upon person having responsibility for coming to reasonable judgements and thoughts had gone astraynot possessing an inner defect etc notion in history of a disease of the mind giving rise to delusions and hallucinations this bit is psychologically determined inner workings of the mind are creating deception look at cases as if these deceptions were true and to judge how person would act in said situation if voluntarismintentionalism is true why accept the psychological determinism of delusions and hallucinations if delusions and hallucinations can be viewed through a psychological deterministic lens why cant other actions where can we draw the line on when to excuse NCR cases and when not to normal learned behaviour people learn to be criminals in the same way that people learn to be good citizens MNaughten rule becomes the underlying principle in US code notion of irresistible impulse two prongs of MNaughten defect of reason so that you didnt know nature and quality of the act or you understood but couldnt identify that it was wrong deprived of good judgement is there such a thing as irresistible impulse know what youre doing and understand its wrong but cant stop yourself from doing it context of severe mental illness 1954 US change to insanity law Durham caseexpanded into a product test jury must be convinced that the crime was a product of the mental disorderproduct test embraces psychiatry allow most flexibilityBranner ability to appreciate criminality Hinkley attempts to assassinate President Reagan strong uprising
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