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Sandra Bucerius

W4 WDW 370h JDA-YOA  JDA: basic orientation and the rational of treating young people differently then adults  social welfare model (change the environment young people were in and it would have a positive impact on them – push more for school, if in trouble with the law they had a separate court and prison system and alternatives to prison/ seen as good candidates for rehabilitation) o Young person was a delinquent not a criminal/ seen as being open to rehabilitation vs. today where they are held at a much more responsibility level  Throughout the 1960s: women rights, civil rights, anti Vietnam war movement young people locked at increasingly as legal objects o No determined to a determinate sentencing o Procedural rights o Lot of inconsistency across the country at the legal ages of an adult  consistency for age  Some people felt young people had to many rights = a law and order discourse [suggesting evidence that youth crime was becoming higher -> higher proportion of teenagers in 1960, kids lived in a more privileged era and were middle class teens involved in a drug culture, role and influence of the American culture of the erosion of principals through cable television, rehabilitation wasn’t working)  And the YOA, there was more pressure for youth to be accountable for their action and now seen as responsible offenders (shift in name JDA-YOA)/ a move to punishment and putting people in custody (more kids in custody under YOA but for shorter periods of time then the JDA- a way to scare kids straight)  YOA from 1984-2004, shorter life spam then JDA/ it had two amendment and made sure the act was more punitive but no evidence that treating people more harshly worked YOA- YCJA  Liberal in power, the bloc Quebecois and the reformative/ the scientific community had no impact on this change and the community  1996 first booth camp opened and built upon the assumption that young offenders needed more discipline
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