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WDW101Y1 Lecture Notes - Penttbom, Immigration Enforcement, Immigration Law

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Sandra Bucerius

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W8 WDW383H1
First generations immigrants are on average lower crime rate
Explanation: assume that self select the immigration and thy wanted to come
to the country/ make everything to make good use for better economic
opportunities/ children are a motivating factors/ most are very hard work
and ready to differ immediate gratification to get long term advancement
Too much is at stake for them to get involved in crime/ they comply with the
The children of first generation much more prone to criminal activity/ in
Netherlands and Germany, 2nd generation crime rate exceed the native/ in
north American countries, the 2nd are more prone to crime then 1st
generation but not as much as Canadian or American
o Main explanation: assimilation (the more you become Canadian the
more you get to engage in the same behavior)/ the 2nd generation
never actively chose to immigrate/ 2nd generation tends to view act of
discrimination ass systemic discrimination whereas 1st generation
view it as just bad apples/ caught between two world (opposing
value systems, don’t know where they stand)/ the 1st generation see
advantages from their home country and 2nd generation doesn’t have
that comparison, they tend to compare themselves to the people of
the new country/ what about the role of ethnicity? (Most Asian,
Russian, Jew preform at every high levels at educational system and
low crime rates, and not much true for other ethnicity)
Had a huge influence for immigrants in western countries/ all hijackers were
not US citizens but not illegal/ none of them have been previously drawn to
criminal or justice problem
Policy changes post 9/11 were mainly to keep borders safe/ the changes
affected non-citizens but also citizens of the country
o In US, a bill which increased government to supervise all residents/
also adopted by the UK/ majority of British public did not support
these politics and dissatisfied with government positions
o In Germany: new legislation increased to police force and increased
their power (like religion bawdy which thought not to be conformed
and a treat to democracy)/ over 80% of the institution in the watch
list are not in any other country
o France: passed legislation and provided more means and power to
police enforcement to invade daily life/ mainly aimed at control
immigrant youth in disadvantage area
In US: policies has been increasingly intertwined (in the name of ‘war against
terrorism’)/ assumption to the public that immigrants are suspects first/
initiative have influence on ordinary citizens / lots of racial profiling toward
middle eastern and Muslims living in US/
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