Alzheimer's Disease

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Western University
Anatomy and Cell Biology
Anatomy and Cell Biology 4429A
Paul Walton

People are living longerthe bulk of people that are suffering from alzheimers disease is going to increase Sporadicwe dont really know where they come from but they cant be traced to any lineage Only real way to tell that it was actually AD is a postmortem test You can use a silver stain Amyloid plaquesaggregated and deposited in nervous tissue in the brain The connection between these and AD are incidental but not causative They are the large orange clumps The small brown dots are the NFT These proteins are found within the neuron bodies They are an aggregated fiber and are found in a conformation that are not solubleClear that there isnt anything special of the amyloid precursor protein It is a type 1 membrane proteinthere is only one transmembrane domain It is made in the ER APP is a membrane protein and has only one transmembrane domain with the amino terminus inside the membrane If you knock it out the mice are normal There are some cellular effects if you look really closely in neuronsgene might already be silenced in normal phenotypes and something might be compensating for it Compensation probably takes place when the gene for this protein is knocked out which is why we dont see much of a change in phenotype There is a secreted version of it as well Two steps for cutting 1 It is acted upon
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