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Anatomy and Cell Biology
Anatomy and Cell Biology 4429A
Paul Walton

Developed many cell linesdeveloped cell lines for Salk to grow his vaccine on Over a period of days you would start with x amount of cells You can measure how many times the population goes through mitosis Eventually after six months the growth slows down The cells that started off in early passage by the time they get to late passage they have enormous cell bodies There is a massive change between them Bar bodiesnamed after Murray Barr This signified that the cells were female The resulting population of cells is entirely female If this was inept tissue culture the female cells should stop as well Property of the cells not of the tissue culture being used so it was a real effect They had already divided thirty more times As cells progress through a lifespan these inhibitors begin to increase These cells dont die they just dont go into mitosis Cells also remember how old they areif you freeze cells for a couple of years and replate them they know where they are in their lifespan Ability to renew your skin as you age slows down which is why your skin thins out The benign tumour has divided enough times to become senescent The ability to go through rounds on mitosis depends on how old the patient is The idea that there are genes that encode for proteins began with her Telomeres have a number of different lengths When youre an ordinary cell you have fewer telomere than a stem cell A cancer cell has found a way to keep the telomere very long Put it in on the
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