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Kinship Diagram I got an 80 something on this assignment... use it as your guide :)

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Komal Moondi
The most important or noteworthy characters of my kinship are my sister, my parents,
and my cousins. They are significant in my life because they have and will always guide me
through the difficult times and encourage me to do the right thing. They are a part of my daily
life and participate in similar activities as me. I feel like our lives are interconnected and I rely on
them during my good and bad times. Furthermore, I also think that because I am from a North
America/Punjabi culture, I have been raised to be very family oriented. Family values have been
instilled in me from a very young age, which results in me being emotionally attached towards
them. I have grown up in a joint family which is furthermore the reason these people mean so
much to me.
All of these people play a very significant role in my life. My parents provide my entire
family with rules and necessities along with lots of love. My sister and cousins provide me with
great guidance and figures I can look up to. They are the closest to me and help me decide who I
want to be friends with. My aunts and uncles have helped me in every way in my life whenever I
required it. My entire family is a society in itself which I know that I will always be a part of. I
have learned about the significance of relations and how to make them work by looking at these
people around me.
The things that I learn from these people have become my value system and have
resulted in the formation of my identity. Whenever I represent myself in society or elsewhere, I
represent my family values and history and act in accordance to what they have taught me. I
believe that these people in my family are and will always remain my first teachers. Even though
I have obtained my education in school, I have definitely learned my traits and values and habits
from my family.