Anthropology 1025F/G Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Enculturation, Gender Role, Gender Equality

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Key concepts
What is the difference between sex and gender?
How do gender roles and gender relations vary across cultures?
How does subsistence strategy relate to gender roles and relationships?
How do gender constraints relate to a culture’s ideological system?
How does male dominance or gender equality affect a society?
What global factors affect women’s participation in the work force?
How have ideologies affected gender constructs in the industrial and postindustrial
Culture determines the man and women roles
-Genetics does not always determine this
Margot mead
-Challenged traditional concepts of gender
-Realized roles and expectations to gender varies between cultures
-Main problem is seeing concept of gender outside own culture
-Different from sex
-Looks at roles people preform in their households and communities and the values and
attitudes that people have regarding men and women
-Females and males are born but women and men are products of their cultures definitions of
man and woman
-Gender identity= internalization of attitudes and expectations that belong to your gender that
apply to how you walk, dress and speak. Attitude toward yourself and others
-Taught and constructed not biology
-Learn gender construct of gender in your society and what you are expected to do
-Starts from birth (blue=boys and pink=girls)
Sexual differences
-Cultures vary in roles men and women perform
-Modern ancestors
-Walked upright
-Begins differences in males and females
-Brain enlarged (dangerous to pregnant females)
Changed position of the female pelvis
Newborn babies muscles under developed (dependent at birth)
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