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Enzyme Catalysis

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Eric Ball

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Topic 5Enzyme CatalysisEnzymes are important because they are proteins that can catalyze molecular reactions that you could never perform in the lab Because they are biological structures they can create an end product that you cant in the lab Enzymes make a reaction go faster but they arent used upcan be used over again dont have to recreate They can be RNA but almost always are proteins The enzymes have a specific function 1 or 2 reactions and thats it Nucleases degrade DNA phosophatases take phosphate groups off molecules Kinase transfers phosphates Enzyme cycleEnzyme has an active site ligand binding sitewhere the substrate will bind Molecule a substrate and binds to form an enzymesubstrate complex catalysis occurs and you get the enzymeproduct complex changed shapeenzyme converted and that product goes and the enzyme goes unchanged Enzyme lysozymecleft running through it blackenzyme binds to the substrate carbohydrateES complexcleavedEP complexproduct is cleaved and the carbohydrate is formed cleaved Transition state is the highest energy point along the energy coordinate Transition state is the point at which bonds are breaking and formingonce you get to this point the reaction proceeds indefinitelyYou need a certain amount of activation energy to get to the transition stateneed to put energy into the reactants so that it can proceed Free energy is the difference between the star
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