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Lecture 1: A Photosynthetic Animal

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Biology 1002B
Niki Sharan

Lecture 1A Photosynthetic AnimalElysia Chloroticay Sea slugy Phylum Mollusca y Invertebrate very simple body plany Aquatic found along the eastern sea corey Animal lacks chloroplast when it is young thus it is brown with red pigment spotsy When it feeds on the alga Vaucheria litorea it turns green by putting the algal chloroplasts into its own gut cellsy The animal punctures the algal cell wall with its radula holding the algal strand firmly in its mouth while sucking out the contents as if the algal strand were a strawit will only keep the chloroplasts and incorporates them into its gut celly Chloroplasts are retained and not digested it then lives on the food made by these chloroplastsy It is a fascinating story of endosymbiosisKleptoplastyy Sea slug steals the chloroplast and retains themprocess is known as kleptoplastyy Chloroplast is one of variou
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