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Lecture 9

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Western University
Biology 2382B
Robert Cumming

Signal Transduction Basic Principles of cell signaling and GPCR -Conversion of one signal into another System -Involve growth factors, cytokines, hormones,osolic Receptors Cell Surface Receptors ECM, neurotransmitters, light, sound, etc. Basic Elements of Cell Signaling • Signal or Signaling Molecule -Ligand, primary messenger -Small molecules, growth factors, cytokines (proteins) • Receptors -Cell-surface receptors -Intracellular receptors • Intracellular Signaling and effector -Hormone binds to LBD causing inhibitor to Proteins fall off and allow dimerization -G Proteins, protein kinases and -Allows DBD to bind to response element to phosphatases, etc. help recruit transcription factors Extracellular Signaling • Second Messengers Intercellular Signaling -Can act slowly or rapidly to change the behavior of a -Ca2+, cAMP, cGMP, IP3, DAG, NO, etc. 1.Adrenal Gland acts distantly target cell 2.Two cells close together; one producing signal and other cell responds to it (nerve cells) 3.Produces and acts on same cell 4.Direct contact; production of protein, binds to other cell (physically binding) -Lipid-soluble(steroid) hormones bind to intracellular receptors which constitute the nuclear-receptor superfamily of transcription factors. Ligand Receptor Inte
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