Classical Studies 2800A/B Lecture Notes - Shorthand, Helicoid, Gyne

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Published on 2 Dec 2011
More Greek Nouns
Words with Multiple Forms of the Stem
Most verbs and adjectives have only one form. A number of them have multiple
ex. aner, andros > andr- meaning man
ex. gyne, gynaikos > gyn-, gynec- meaning woman
ex. fos, fotos > phos-, phot-, meaning light
Greek Prefixes: Assimilation
A lot of Greek prefixes end in a vowel - when a prefix ended in a vowel and the
following stem began with a vowel or "h", the final vowel of the prefix often
dropped off
ex. ap-helion
ex. a-theist - not or without God
A final consonant of a prefix usually assimilated to an initial consonant of the
following stem.
ex. Syn-onymous
ex. Sym-metry
ex. Sym-phony
ex. Apo-cryphal
Have some Greek parts and some Latin parts - these are not at all common.
ex. Television - Tele > G. far away, vis. > L. see, ion > L. act of
ex. Automobile - Auto > G. itself, mobile > L. moving.
ex. Petroleum
Pedophile - Ped- > G. child, phile - excessively fond however Ped- could
also be L. for foot.
Suffix -ine, -in
L. -ine is often attached to animals and is from L. inus, ex. feline
In Greek, this tends to create chemical compounds ex. toxin
It is often attached to Latin and Greek stems
ex. Insulin is L. for pertaining to islands
Penicillin - ill means little, peni is penis
Ex. Chlorine
Ex. Cocaine
Ex. Margarin
Greek Combining Forms:
-oeidos -o- + eidos (idol): "resembling, form, shape, appearance"
ex. asteroid
ex. helicoid
Combining forms < G. graph- (to write)
ex. Telegraph, polygraph, seismograph, autograph, photograph
-graphy (process of writing) - geography, historiography, stenography,
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