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Western University
Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2900
Beate Gundert

Classics Notes – April 10/12 Alexandrian phase – first phase of Byzantine medicine 1. Oribasius (325-400). 2. Aetios of Amida – he wrote 4 books on medicine. He is Hellenic – his books are based on Galen, Soranus, and Oribasius. Alexander of Tralles – he travelled a lot then settled in Rome and practiced there. He wrote books on pathology of internal disease and these are based on humoral pathology. He uses urine as a diagnostic sign. He also uses pulse and palpation. He uses mild drugs in his treatment. He is independent in his judgement – in his theory he follows Galen, but in his practice he is independent. He says that one should always follow the truth. Paulus of Aegina – He was educated and practiced in Alexandria. He wrote a text for surgery and it was still used until the 19 c. He also wrote on ophthalmology. This phase of Byzantine medicine was important for advances in diagnostics and other areas in medicine. Second phase – 642-1453 th th Johannes Actuaris (13 /14 ) – Studied uroscopy and used urine as a diagnostic tool. In the suspension there might be white cloudiness in the urine, and he might get some idea from this about the condition of the person’s blood. Besides urine, one should also use pulse. In Rome, there were valetudinarium, which were hospitals for working people. These would restore people to hea
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