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Computer Science
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Computer Science 1032A/B
Diane Goldstein

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Excel Spread Sheet  Workbook: A collection of one or more spreadsheets (every excel workbook has three spread sheet tabs)  An application designed to handle the organization, summarization, and presentation xof primarily numeric data  Turned out to provide incredible labour savings, and were greatly used in the early adoption of personal computers Entering Data  Cell: the intersection of a column and a row with a specific name that can store text, numbers, and formulas o A cell can be edited by clicking the cell and typing (overwriting what is currently in the cell) or by clicking on the cell and typing on the cell contents area (editing what is currently in the cell)  Cell Referencing: o Spreadsheets allow you to reference other cells when you build a formula o This can be done by clicking the cell, typing ‘=’, and typing or clicking the location of the cell o Never use actual numbers in a spreadsheet formula unless the number will never change  Filling Formulas: o Relative Reference: A type of referencing that adjusts during a copy operation  Default mode; when an equation is copied from one cell to another, the value of the formula are
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