Computer Science 1032A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Business Process Management, Business Process, Bridge Information Systems

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Business Process
-processes work together to achieve a business function i.e. Inventory management
-processes use activities, resources, facilities and information
-transform resources and information of one type into another
-manual or automated
-ie. Payment (activity) transforms Quantity Received (information) and Shipping
Invoice (information) into Payment to Supplier (resource)
-structures used in business process
-need inventories, databases, factories, equipment
-used by activities
-determines activity transformation
-data di#ers from information because data are just facts, information is relevant
-good info is accurate, timely, relevant, su%cient, worth its cost
BPM (Business Process Management)
-a &eld of management that promotes the development of e%cient processes
-methods of BPM include TQM, Six Sigma, Lean Production
Automating a Process Activity
Computer Side Human Side
Automation moves work from human side to computer side
-software + procedures are
-people + hardware are
-data is the
Information Systems and Decision Making
-data is important part of any IS and it’s transformed into information
-information is the starting point for decision making
-operational, managerial and strategic decisions
-structured and unstructured decision making (refers to the process)
-steps include: intelligence gathering, alternatives formulation, choice,
implementation and review
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