A is for Animals

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Comparative Literature and Culture
Comparative Literature and Culture 2125A/B
Prof Calin

A is for Animals  Michel Foucault  Sigmund Freud (psychoanalysis)  Charles Darwin (evolution, "Origin of the Species")  Karl Marx (marxism, The Communist Manifesto)  Friedrich Nietzsche (philosopher) *focus is on "On Circe's Island - Homer, Odyssey" (A 441-449) Animal vs. social:  "anima" = that which is animated, with a soul  Organic matter , 3 types 1. Vegetal 2. No souls 3. Animals  Desire  Appeal  Consummation  Exhaustion  Procreation/recreation  Mystery - bliss - misery  Violence  Human as the social animal  Can be more animal than social (and vice versa)  distinction between animal/social is not always stable  Societal rules = social aspect  Mix of social behaviour and instinctive behaviour Desire : psychological energy that drives us on  In animals we call desire instinct (ie kill smaller animals, run from larger animals, mate with animals of similar size and shape)  Consummation of desire , removes the desire  If you are hungry, and you eat, you are no longer hungry. The desire is gone because you have consummated your desire to eat by eating.  "after sex every animal is sad"  Most things we do are to "quench" our desires = to quick, impatient society  Sexual revolution Exhaustion of a sexual body: can no longer do it/ no longer desire to do it  Means the end of possibility  Not the end of desire  Part infinite (desire), part finite (exhaustion) Are we going to use sex for recreation or procreation ? There are two extremes:  St. Paul - have sex but ONLY for procreation, do not enjoy it  Anarchists of sex - only have sex as a recreation activity, enjoy yourself Sexuality and the animal:  At the crossroads of species  Collection of similar characteristics  No metamorphosis from one species to another , "once a rabbit, always a rabbit"  Dhoch - egyptian cross species (human body, with head of a sacred bird = comes from the sky, not the earth), in hands papyri , an exchange of information - presents writing to Pharaoh, who says that this is a bad invention because it will ruin the art of the oral word, and eliminate the need to memorize things  Jump from oral memory to written memory Interspecies:  Example : centaur, which is a classic representation of animal and man  Centaur skeleton picture: HOW DO WE KNOW THIS IS NOT A HOAX?  Sexual representation of interspecies seems monstrous, makes you feel awkward What is Sodomy?  Sex with animals (viewed this way, example - Woody Allen in Everything You've Always wanted to Know about Sex, But were Afraid to Ask)  Came from
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