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English 2230F/G Lecture Notes - Conceit, Valediction, Extended Metaphor

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English 2230F/G

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Day 3 of a million
-Decorum: in literature, is language or is the metaphor appropriate for what’s
being discussed
oMess with this later – that could be fun
-Metaphysical conceit
oAn ingenious comparison that is elaborate and sometimes farfetched
Almost as if the vehicle and tenor were taken from two
different realms
-Diction: the word choice
oWhen words are clustered into a certain type of language
oThink of jargon and such
-Allegory: an image or a narrative with a second meaning partially hidden
behind the first
oNarrative: a series of events just happening
The beginning, middle, end
oThe allegory goes throughout the whole story
oIt’s a story within something else
-Extended metaphor: good example is pet panther
oThe metaphor goes on and on
- Didactic: meaning teachy, trying to teach
- Ambivalent
- In the classical era they were obsessed with decorum
- Then the neoclassical era was similar to then classical but they were also
about the way things sounded
- The romantic poets stressed the importance of originality
oNew rhythms too
- Modernist writers played with the word rather than the concept
John Donne and Metaphysical Conceit
- A valediction forbidding mourning
- Samuel Johnson got all mad at Donne because he just grabbed two random
things that he just pulled together “two heterogeneous ideas were roped
together via violence”
- However T.S Elliot brought him out of obscurity
A Valediction Forbidding Mourning
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