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English 1022E
Lorraine Dicicco

Eng1020E September 15, 2011 Lecture 2 Rules (or lack thereof) of Poems  Rules = (literary) conventions  Conventions of Sonnets o 14 Lines o Shakespearean Stanza/English Sonnet: final 2 lines conclude with a couplet o 10 beats per line (usually) o Subject of Sonnets: Love  Sonnets were often written by men for the lady loves (originating in Italy from a poet named Petrarc who wrote about his love Laura). Sonnets were then brought to England.  Petrarchan Sonnet: o an eight line stanza (called an octave) followed by a six line stanza (called a sestet) o the octave has two quatrains rhyming abba, abba o in the sestet, the first three lines reflect on or exemplify the theme, while the last three bring the poem to a unified end. The sestet may be arranged cd, or cde, o *Breaks into two parts structurally: 1) Octave 2) Sestet. The point that the speaker attempts to convey changes when switching from the Octave to the Sestet (“when the song changes, the argument changes” – signalling a change).  Sonnets fall under the genre of Lyric. *Lyric = any short poem; non-narrative (doesn’t tell a story).* “Presents a single speaker expressing a state of mind or a feeling.” – Abram. The speaker is not associated with the poem. Shakespearean Sonnet  Rhyme Scheme: Breaks down into 3 parts and a couplet. Sonnet 18  A platonic love poem written about a man (by a man), speaking of eternal love, life, and youth.  Raises the expectations of love.  Shakespeare raises a Petrarchan Conceit: an elaborate comparison of a subject to an object.  Analyzing: o No title to analyze. o Begins with the speaker addressing an absent addressee. o Imagery: drawn from nature (a summer’s day). Summer = Romance, Sun, Happiness, Youth, Vibrancy, Energy, etc.
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