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Lecture 16

Lecture 16 Part 2 – Canada During WWII

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History 2201E
Linda Sabathy- Judd

Lecture 16 Part 2 – Canada During World War II  World War II o League of Nations remained impotent when Hitler grew more and more aggressive  Policy of Appeasement adopted by Britain and France in terms of Nazi Germany, Canada agreed with it  King thought Hitler was a “harmless peasant” who had what was best for his people on his mind o Hitler comes to power legally in 1933, had Germany withdraw from the League of Nations  Starts to build up army in 1935, against Treaty of Versailles  Takes back the Rhineland  Britain, France and Italy sanctioned Germany taking Czechoslovakia; King supported this  1938: Germany annexes Austria, League does nothing and also takes rest of Czechoslovakia o USSR and Stalin feared by the Western powers, keeping Germany stable was crucial  Better the Nazis than the communists o Ship full of Jewish refugees denied entrance to Canada after it had been denied by USA and Cuba  All ended up in concentration camps o King knew Canadians didn’t want another war  Strove to give them what they wanted o When Hitler invaded Poland in 1939, Britain declared war on Germany  Canadian Parliament voted overwhelming in support of supporting Britain in the war o King appealed for national unity during this crisis, Canadians became less isolationist  Union Nationale under Duplessis spoke out against the war o Canadians volunteered in great
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