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History 2201E
Michelle Hamilton

November 19, 2012 Political Reform Lord Durham’s Report • Report on the Affairs of British North America, 1838 Comes after the rebellion • • Takes a while for what he recommends to come about • His recommendations are jumped at right away by British government • Two main recommendations: • Responsible government • Believes government in CAneeds more control and less looking at England to making their decisions • Assembly in CAneed more control - would make government more efficient • United Province of Canada (Canada West; Canada East) • Act of Union, 1840 • Legislation that puts Lower and Upper together Make it one province but give it two different names (Canada West and Canada East) • • Don’t have two assemblies or elected council - it is all one • Assembles the French because they have less control • British and French are together • Gets rid of some of the protection act (eg: seigneurial system) of the French to promote the assimilation of French • 1841: new election is required • Election of 1841 • Charles Thompson, Baron Syndenham • Here for the election • Anti-French • Attempts to influence the election to not vote French politicans • Interferes with the elections Reform alliance • Louis LaFontaine From Canadian East (formerly Lower Canada) • • Lawyer • Thinks practically about politics • Thinks that if it becomes a battle of French vs British, there’s going to be a deadlock (nothing is going to happen) • Robert Baldwin • From Canada West • Francis Hincks • From Canada West • Before: Sovereign > Governor > (A) Legislative Council, (B) Executive Council [A& B] > LegislativeAssembly > The People • After: Sovereign > Governor > (A) Legislative Council, (B) Executive Council > LegislativeAssembly > The People Responsible government • Lord Elgin, Governor-General, 1847-54 • Told “don’t stand in the way of responsible government” • Election of 1848 November 19, 2012 • Doesn’t interfere in the election and let people vote • Reforming event sweeping in - could have happened earlier but Syndenham interfered • Rebellion Losses Bill, 1849 • Elgin doesn’t like this bill but doesn’t veto it Anyone who lost or had damaged property from the rebellion in Lower Canada will be compensated • • Already happened in Upper Canada • LaFontaine introduces this bill • Upper Canada has already had this so it’s only fair • Sees a symbolic healing after the rebellion • Conservatives and Tories dislike this bill - see it as a symbol of French domination in the
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