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Lecture 32 - Lancastrian Kings: Henry V

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History 2405E
Barbara Murison

Lecture 32Lancastrian Kings Henry V I Accession yIn a reasonably good condition healthy young 25 and the realm is uniting y Henry IVs had strong achievements y Henry V decides to resume the Hundred Years War o Like his great grandfather Edward III o Strong relationship with nobles o Asserted his claim to the French throne o Bolder strategizer than his fatherII Henrys French Ambitions y Claim to the French throne o Assertion that in feudal law he was heir general to the Capetian throne current ruling household o Saying that through Isabella wife of Edward II o Confident of his claim and in claiming what he believes is his inheritance o Current king of France is Charles VIFurious with Henrys claimMad had occasional moments of lucidityWould sometimes think he was made of glass and would break if someone touched him o Also had Orleanists and Burgundians fighting for French throne y Resuming the war o Had a truce for 28 years o English nobility looked forward to gaining land money etc o Armies of Henry V were mainly contract armieso Contractors counting on money that war can bring were successful o Must maintain the conquest of the Lancastrians y Henry doesnt rush into French campaign o Puts together as large an army as he can y Plotso Oldcastle Plots Lollards followers of WyclifQuickly put down o Plot to put the Earl of March on the throneEarl of March seems uninterested in being on the throneLooked to Earl of Northumberland Percys for help didnt want toPut down fairly quickly rebels executedPercys rewarded with regaining inheritance lands for not being involvedIII The Agincourt Campaign y 1415 y Didnt take the shortest crossing
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