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Western University
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Health Sciences 1001A/B
Shauna Burke

VideoChasing the cancerHost got her blood tested for the amount of toxins in her bloodShe was diagnosed with cancer despite that she eats healthy works out regularly and so onCarcinogens are a substance that causes cancerFound 44 different heavy metals such as PCBs arsenic nickel benzeneCanadian cancer society says that environmental toxins can cause 25 of cancerWhich means that they dont really care about the environment factors89 of cancer is environmental and very few are from geneticsDanny got cancer in his brain because from the radiation that he was getting for leukemia1 in 2 men are getting cancerThe low envirofor cancer is inaccurate and untruthfulCanadian cancer society says that it is our fault of getting caner such as smoking not eating healthy and so onCertain birth control pills can cause cervical and breast cancerCleaning supplies meats can cause cancerIn Europe they banned
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