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Lecture 18

Exercise Nutrition - Lecture 18

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Western University
Kinesiology 3339A/B
Peter Lemon

KIN 3339AExercise Nutrition thLecture 18Monday October 24 2011 Indispensible Fatty AcidsSlide 24If you look at the last hundred years amount of fat per person consumedDifferent types of fatBeginning in the 60sawareness that saturated fat was unhealthy o Reflected by the rapid decrease in butter consumption high in saturated fat o Also a rapid increase in corn oil and margarine high in omega6 fat o Less fish intake less omega3 fat intakeRatio of intake changedbad news o Continued for the next 40 years or soButter alternative of margarinedeveloped a lot of problemscontributed to the terrible ratio we have going nowadaysNot necessarily the amount of fat that you consume but the type of fat that you consume which is importantIndispensible fatty acids o If you dont get them in your diet you will be at risk for diseaseChartSlide 25 Unfortunately more linoleic acid is being consumed in comparison to alphalinolenico More omega6 fats in comparison to omega3 fatsAA o Predominant from LNALA o High in omega3sConversion of plant form of omega3s is very inefficient in the bodyFound in deep ocean fish DHA EPA y Need to increase o Not efficient just to ingest plant forms of omega3s ALANeed EPA and DHA animal forms of omega3sRatio of omega6 to omega3 o Should be 231 o Not 201Fatty Acid Profile of Selected OilsSlide 26 What type of fat is in each kind of oilDarkest barsat fat o Expressed as percent o Cocoa butter5050 sat fat
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