MOS HR Part 4 Textbook Notes

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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 1021A/B
James O' Brien

MOS Chapter 4 NotesIntellectual capital the combination of the human capital and the organizational support that enables the human capital to flourishOrientation formal process of familiarizing new employees with the organization their jobs and their work unit and embedding organizational values beliefs and accepted behavioursTraining the acquisition of skills behaviours and abilities to perform current workDevelopment the acquisition of skills behaviours and abilities to perform future work or to solve and organizational problemPrimary goal of those 3 definitions is to contribute to the organizations overall goals orientation training and development programs should be structured with an eye to organizational goals and strategiesSystems approach to training should involve four phases o Needs assessment program design training delivery and evaluation of trainingFor training to be effective it is important that employers provide strong supportManagers and HR professionals need to pay attention to when training is neededNeeds assessment questions pg 108The success of training programs depends on more than the organizations ability to identify needsTraining design should focus on at least four related issues o Instruction
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