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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 2181A/B
Victoria Digby

Chapter 12 Terms – Power, Politics, and Ethics Power: the capacity to influence others who are Characteristics of Power Seekers in a state of dependence Institutional managers: managers who use Bases of Individual Power power for the good of the insitituion rather than for self-aggrandizement; refrain from Legitimate power: person’s position/job in the coercive leadership, do not play favourites and organization; a.k.a. authority power are least worried about being well liked; are considered by McClelland as most effect form Reward power: power derived from ability to of managers provide positive, prevent negative outcomes; relates to positive reinforcement [Ch 2] Personal power managers: managers who use power for personal gain Coercive power: power derived from use of punishment or threat; supports legitimate Affiliative managers: managers who are most power doe not have to be in management concerned with being liked than with exercising position to apply it (lower cohesive groups like power union groups can also apply coercion) How Subunits Obtain Power Referent power: power derived from being well Subunit: division of units within an organization; liked by others e.g. departments, particular jobs like lawyers Expert power: power from having special info Subunit power: degree of power held by or expertise that’s valued by organization of various organizational subunits those who are in state of dependence; the more unusual & crucial this expertise, the greater the Strategic contingencies: crticial factors affecting edxpert power; power is cumulative (e.g. organizational effectivess; the type of work that experienced head nurse vs. new surgeon just other subunits perform is dependent on the out of graduation); most associated with activities and performance of a key subunit; e.g. employee effectiveness (e.g. female managers success of product company on how well the higher in expert power than men)
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