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Philosophy 2074F/G
Dean Proessel

JohnwadeAdvertisingWaide in his essay talks about associating advertising a practice in which market goods are associated with nonmarket goods and how they influence the lives of people By nonmarket goods he means friendship love esteem and power These nonmarket products cannot be bought in a market but have to be cultivated The point that Waide is trying to make is that these nonmarket goods or desires cannot be bought or sold in market transactions Advertiser associate nonmarket goods with market goods in advertising and they bring upon very less satisfaction If any in some cases it brings satisfaction for a limited period for instance the temporary removal of bad breath through mouthwash He says that the job of advertisers is to sensitive themselves with the consumers needs and wants He thinks associative advertising hurts people in two ways 1full closets and empty pockets We buy all this stuff but still we are unhappy No friends lovers and excitement The consumer keeps buy
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