Political Science 1020E Lecture Notes - Canadian Identity, International Inequality, Psychopathy

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Published on 18 Nov 2011
Global terrorism/terrorists
Terrorism and globalization
Growing global inequality
Frustrated young men, and women and children Sweden, England,
Global civil war?
Everyone wants to be Canadian?
Easy to integrate self into the Canadian identity
It shields you, and adds a security to your lifestyle
Globalization of terrorism has facilitated and increased power for states
Limitations to civil liberties Patriot Act
Increased extra-legal and extra sovereign powers of states
Guantanamo Bay
Revitalized power of some states militaries Russia, India, USA
Muted opposition to some hardline approaches – Arar Case
Is terrorism the biggest threat?
Developing countries face greater threat from AIDS and more
Developed countries face greater threat from gang and other
routinized violence
US – 1990 = 37000 firearm deaths/200 international
terrorism deaths
2004: 42,646 Car accidents
Realignment of economic priorities and internal flows in some
Combating Terrorism
State responses
International cooperation
Re-regulation – who should pay the cost of security? (point of origin or
Diplomatic pressure or surgical warfare against states Does this
cripple network?
Deterrence – buyout terrorists, subvert network, violate human rights
Decapitate network hydra? Whose head?
State-level prosecution – no “international terrorism court” to
prosecute or intervene
Safe havens?
Negations? I.E. Ireland
Government has mandate and willing to make concessions
Terrorist group willing to self-evaluate and make concessions
Need for effective intelligence gathering and action
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