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Global Terrorism Leture

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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 1020E
Charles Jones

Global terrorism/terrorists Terrorism and globalization • Growing global inequality ○ Frustrated young men, and women and children  Sweden, England, Lebanon ○ Global civil war? • Everyone wants to be Canadian? ○ Easy to integrate self into the Canadian identity ○ It shields you, and adds a security to your lifestyle • Globalization of terrorism has facilitated and increased power for states ○ Limitations to civil liberties  Patriot Act ○ Increased extra-legal and extra sovereign powers of states  Guantanamo Bay ○ Revitalized power of some states militaries  Russia, India, USA ○ Muted opposition to some hardline approaches – Arar Case • Is terrorism the biggest threat? ○ Developing countries face greater threat from AIDS and more ○ Developed countries face greater threat from gang and other routinized violence • US – 1990 = 37000 firearm deaths/200 international terrorism deaths • 2004: 42,646 Car accidents ○ Realignment of economic priorities and internal flows in some countries Combating Terrorism • State responses ○ International cooperation ○ Re-regulation – who shoul
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