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Political Science
Political Science 2237E
Douglas Long

Hobbesthe Rightspowers of the Sovereign an artificial person 302305Firstnote Chapter 10 on power 288289The greatest of human powers is the Power if a CommonwealthThe sovereign controls the signs of honour in a Commonwealth and therefore controls power in itnot only has power but DEFINES itnot only does the sovereign have more power than anyone else he decides who gets power he is the source of powerthe sovereign is a beneficiary of the covenant NOT a party to itthe sovereign is not bound to or limited by itthere is no recourse to covenants made with Godthese are a lyeHobbes is after Catholics on the grounds that they have sworn allegiance to the churchHobbes believed you should believe in the mortal God the sovereignthere can be no conditional or partial sovereigntyCOMPARE TO LOCKEthe law is organized power as a subject the law is my willany who opposed the covenant must fall in line with the greater part or be destroyed by them they tacitly covenantedIF you live under the c
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