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Lecture 2

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Psychology 1000

Psychology 1000 What is Psychology September 11 & 13, 2012 Next Time: History & Methods Scan: Finish Chapter 1  What are the different approaches to psychology?  What do psychologists do?  Who were the Pioneers of psychology?  Explanations of Behaviour:  Biological Factors  E.g. Neural, hormonal  Brain wiring, neurochemicals to try to understand what’s happening in the brain.  E.g. aggression -> is it because of a certain brain abnormality?  Individual & Psychological Factors  E.g. learning, cognitive processes, how people think  Learning -> violence in the home helps to predict aggression  Grown up in a violent household, learned about it, processes things in a violent manner, causing aggression  Frustration causes aggression, but not everyone is frustrated by the same things -> big individual factor  Cultural and Environmental Factors  E.g. value systems  The given cultural system might neglect aggression, while others might support aggression  Physical environment might cause aggression -> for example, the hotter it is, the more aggressive people may be because people are more frustrated  All of the above work together to influence a person’s behaviour.  No level is better than any other level, just a different way to explain things  Psychology: the scientific study of behaviour and the mind Sch
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