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unit 18 - love

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Western University
Sociology 2234E
Brendan Murphy

Unit 18 Interpersonal AttractionMajor Antecedents of AttractionThe values that predict why people will be attracted to each otherfactors that cause us to be drawn to someone elseThe Propinquity Effect o One of the simplest determinants of interpersonal relationships is proximity or propinquity o The more we see and interact with people the more likely they are to become our friends o The propinquity effect works because of familiarity or the mere exposure effect the finding that the more exposure we have to a stimulus the more apt we are to like it o Attraction and propinquity rely onPhysical distanceFunctional distance aspects of architectural design that make it likely some people will come into contact with each other m ore often than other eg location of rest room stairs elevator or mailboxesSimilarity o We can be attracted to people who areLike us similarityOpposite to us complementarity o Similarity is a stronger predictor of attraction than complementaritywe tend to think that people who are similar to us will be more enjoyable to be around Boosts their attractivenesstend to find people more similar to us more attractiveReciprocal liking o Reciprocal linking isLiking someone who likes us in returnOne of the prime determinants of interpersonal attractionEffects only occur if you like yourself in the first place o Can make up for the absence of similarity in some casesPhysical attractiveness o What is attractiveBoth sexes prefer larger eyes baby face feature and prominent cheekbonesMales prefer a female face with a small nose and chinFemales prefer a male face with a large chin and a big smileEmphasized more in men than womenmen more likely to rely on physical attraction when finding a matelong term relationshipsAffect o Emotions and attractionPositive and negative influencesReinforcementaffect model some people are attractive because they supply us with rewards praise or benefits which makes us associate them with pleasurable experiencesAffiliationo The need to from attachments with others is termed affiliation o Affiliation motivesSocial comparisonvalidate our own behaviours or beliefs by comparing them to othersPositive stimulationprefer to be with other people because of the comfort they provideEmotional supportAttentionOther Antecedents of Attraction
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