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Lecture 11

Lecture 11 Review: Labeling and Interaction Theories

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Sociology 2259
Pamela Cushing

Lecture 11 Review Lecture 10 ContinuedPolitics and Theory y Labeling theory attacked form the political left and the political right o Right labeling theory depicted deviants as victims o Left labeling theory ignored the forces and structures of capitalism that represses people with no power and create deviant behaviour y Professors were judged as undermining the lawexcusing of behaviour as opposed to deviantizing people y Criticized for not trying to find ways to control deviant behaviour y Focused a lot more on Marxist leftismy Capitalism creates deviantism y Labeling theories less used as single theories on their own and absorbed into other theories y Labeling theories create a high level of predictability in societyhelpful in terms of social cooperation y More modern labeling theories focus less on the process and more on resisted the label and went on to leaf nondeviant lives outcomes of the processSix Central Concepts of Labeling Theory 1 Career deviance Stages which the actor going through in the labeling process y primarysecondary deviation master status 2 Master status Status that overrides all othersGroupspeople who have a lot of power and actively participate in 3 Moral entrepreneursformingenforcing rilesy Usually have something to gain from labeling someone as deviant 4 Moral crusades Social movements that aimed at producing changes in the rules or how they are enforced 5 Moral panic Overreaction to some for of deviance y Can create fear around the people who you dont have any reason to fear y Media and politics portray a large rolecreating a common enemy forming common supportPeople who are fighting another group of people who are trying to label someone 6 Labeling contestsdeviant y Ex prolife vs abortion conflictPhenomenology and Social Construction Theories y Phenomenology o Focus the deep rules that operate in social situationsEncourages us to look carefully of the nature and ownership of commonsense constructs of meaningFocusdeep rules that operate in social institutions rules that you follow unconsciouslystudent etcStudy the things that you take for granted o Social Order is a fragile human accomplishment resting on deep rules that maintain a sense of order and meaning in the face of chaos and meaninglessnessUnderlying assumption that without these deep rules society would be a messchaotic o Challenging the tolerated ordering of society is more than rule breakingit threatens that weve come to understand as realWe take a lot of things for granted but there are some people who challenge the tolerated ordering
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