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Lecture 18

Lecture 18 Review

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Sociology 2259
Pamela Cushing

Lecture 18 The Medicalization of DevianceFormal Social ControlThe legitimate processes of defining and treating deviants when they persist in their deviance and it doesnt go away by itself through informal controlImputational SpecialistsImputational specialists doctors psychiatrists social workers expert witnesses as well as police lawyers judges criminologists church officials Official LabelingOfficial labels have the tendency to stickCaught up in a network of records and official sanctions Decision are mostly about what the problem is diagnosis and how it is to be treated treatmentFormal social control is in the hands of expertsThey have the power to o Define deviance o Create deviance o Make it go awayUnlike informal control which controls identity formal social control can physically control the body of the deviant o Remove the body from the social setting o Confine the body to a hospital prison or asylum total institutionDocile BodiesMichel Foucault discipline and punish the history of the prisonDocile bodies are those that do not resist controlBodies are made docile through the processes of formal social controlThe out of control body becomes controlledMoral EntrepreneursThose who crusade for creation and enforcement of the rulesThere is a moral fusion between deviantbad or evilMoral entrepreneurs are the experts on the correct or good way to beUsually someone has something to gain then they create a category of devianceresearchers getting funding etcAntismoking campaigns have turned from being antismoking campaigns to antismoker campaigns dehumanizing smokers o Problematicwhen you start to dehumanizing people you are one step away from rationalizing violence Medicalization of DevianceMedicalization refers to the application of disease explanations to certain types of deviant behaviourDeutschmannPsychiatric causes for exception of criminal actsAbuse etcEach example is an attempt to explain behaviour in terms of the medical modelThe problem with the examples is that the deviant behaviour can be the main evidenceonly evidence of the diseasecan become a circular argument
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