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Lecture 5

Sociology 2151 Evolution of Cities - Lecture 5 (William Marshal)

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Western University
Sociology 2151A/B
William Marshall

Sociology 2151- Lecture 5 (Canadian Cities) • Aboriginal communities were not considered cities • Cities began with the Europeans came over • The first people to come to Canada were urbanites, they were used to living in a city • 4 stages in the evolution of Canadian Cities o 1. Colonial Towns (~1600 – 1750) o 2. Commercial Centres (~1760 – 1850) o 3. Commercial-Industrial Cities (~1800-1900) o $. Metropolitan Communities (post 1900) • First settlers were not good at hunting and gathering • First permanent settlement was Quebec city (1608), didn’t exist as a city until later o Location that would last o Would become a center of the fur trade and expansion of new France • French established Quebec city and other cities along the water ways • Relatively small (around 8000) had most of the characteristics of a city • Trade center for the export of furs • French didn’t encourage migration to New France, didn’t care if people left France. They only cared about the money they were getting from the people in the new world. No significant urban development • (1763)- things started to change significantly o British North America Act – gave control over what is now Canada to the British (and not the French) o British were into colonization, mercantilism  country is strong if they have a lot of trading partners • Communities before 1763 were set up because of military or strategic reasons (location). • Afterwards, cities were set up where there was agriculture o Had to be able to grow enough food to feed the community o Needed access to water (mode of transportation) • Continued to export goods to England o Attracted settlers o Crown awarded settlers with land (population began to grow) • In the USA (1776) o Beginning of the revolutionary war (war of independence) o Wanted to be independent of Britain o Many US people decided to migrate to Canada (Tories) o Immigration of Europeans because it is becoming over populated  They can remain British or they can be more independent and move to the US • Growing abundance of food • Canada’s population starts to go through a demographic transition o Cities
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