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Lina Sunseri

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January SOCIAL THEORY: LECTURE 4 16, 2013 TALCOTT PARSONS CONT’D A.G.I.L - Parson’s hypothesis: process in any social system is subject to 4 independent functional imperatives or problems which must be met adequately if equilibrium or existence of the system is to be maintained o Western is a subsystem of postsecondary education within Canada’s education system o Within each system you are going to find a system that is responsible for one aspect of A-G-I-L - A: adaptation (economy) o Secure and distribute sufficient resources or adapt to changes  Economic system  Distribute goods and wealth  Example: hunter gathers depend on and fishing but the fish are becoming less so they must adapt to the environment and learn to change their own fishing habits (change the environment) or learn to eat something else (change themselves) - G: goal attainment (politics) o Must establish clear goals. This is primary to political system  Political system (not only government)  Examples: establishing budgets, strategizing, planning leaders must do these things  Dean of the school and board of directors are also political systems the decide who get hired/fired, salary raises and so on - I: integration (police) o Regulation and coordination of actors and systems  Someone that is responsible for regulation of the laws/rules that have been set  They make sure we follow it so that they can keep order within the system  Criminal justice system, legal institutions, police, family (parents), religion - L: latency o Tension maintenance and pattern maintenance o Sufficient motivation for actors o Social institutions are key (family, peers, education) o MOST IMPORTANT  They make sure we accept norms and values and that we conform to them  Socialization  Helps us accept social systems and help up become integrated into the system  MICRO: individually motivate someone to accept a norm 1 January SOCIAL THEORY: LECTURE 4 16, 2013  Motivation to work hard, study hard (family: parents = role models) this way you will achieve success (success stories  work hard = $$$)  MACRO: Therefore certain people are able to receive more value because of their job (success = good)  Those that work hard will receive merit they work for their
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