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Western University
Sociology 2240E
Charles Levine

Karl MarxInspiration oTheories influenced by the work of GWF Hegel who was a dialectical philosopheroContradictions present in reality create the most appropriate way to understand current reality by analyzing the progression of those contradictions Hegel related this thinking to decoding of historical change he uncovered that changes in history are caused by contradictions of reality an attempted resolution and the possible development of new ways of thinking Marx agreed with Hegels theory of the connection between contradictions and historical change however he believed that historical change could only occur through a form of social change This thinking became the focus of Marxs theories He expanded this concept onto the contradictions of the capitalist society developing around him and his perceived outcomes for the future of the effects of this type of reality He believed the more workers the capitalist society engulfed it exploited and the amount of challenges would only grow Only further creating an obvious divide between two classes of people the workers and the capitalist In addition Marxs compassion for the working class developed through his relationship with Friedrich Engels a fellow sociologist The development and struggles he viewed of industrialization during the 1840s influenced his theories MethodMarx developed this dialectical analysis by linking the importance of social values and social facts He believed that it is too difficult to separate a sociologist
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